Lake Martin 100



The Lake Martin 100 in Alexander City, Alabama – Officially my first Ultra-Trail race, by the most minimal to qualify as one at 27.1 miles. Nerves leading up to it were pretty low; I felt good. This would be officially the furthest distance I ever ran but I felt like my training had prepared me plenty to make it happen. The hills proved to be more challenging than expected with a total elevation change of 4000 feet1.

All in all it was a great time. Danijela and I ran together with one friend starting earlier to take on the 100 mile and another friend that would be running at a slower pace than us. Dani and I finished after a lengthy 6 hours and 50 minutes to earn our first finisher medal in an Ultra. I finished with some soar feet and a slightly fatigued lower back. Once removing the shoes the feet didn’t look swollen and no blistering.

After the race, it was compression socks and beer while we wait for our friends to roll in. The next day I was in great shape, all things considered. Legs were tight but stairs were not an issue nor much else anything else.

Lessons learned:

Hills can add a significant mark-up in time and the Ice Age 50 won’t be so lenient on finish time – the Ice Age 50 finish window closes at 12 hours. I need more time on feet and I need to get a better feeling for what is being a wuss and what are real warning signs.

Special thanks to David and Marye Jo Tosch for hosting such a great event

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