The 2.5 hour daily weekday workout


(photo from Mountain Athletics by The North Face, on

Last week was an easy transition week and what appears to have been the calm before the storm. This week? Well it’s the start of the 2.5 daily weekday workout and Saturday will be 30 miles in the trails followed by 12 on Sunday.

_”I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t eating, sleeping, working or running.”_

I was looking for a training regiment after I injured my knee and stumbled upon [Mountain Athletics, by The North Face]( They had a perfectly bundled up iPhone app that had a training track for Endurance Running. Done! Well I wanted more from the gym routines because I was nervous the app wasn’t enough, so I tracked down the gym and course they were taking you through. It’s a gym in Jackson Hole for professional athletes called [Mountain Athlete]( I paid for their 8 week 50 mile training program and here we are today. Other than the time commitment to complain about, I can’t say enough good things about these training programs. After the Ice Age 50, I’ll probably go back to the iPhone app as my main tool and use the 8 week training regiment to start every season.

Also, if you go down the same path I did, with Mountain Athlete, maybe someday you can [teach me how to “E/O”]( I try and wait from someone to run over and stick a wallet in my mouth.

I, just out of luck, had also started reading Steve House’s [Training for the new Alpinism]( This turned out to be the perfect accompanying guide to my training by outlining the “why” of what I am doing. He breaks down aerobic v anaerobic, training zones, why staying in zone 1/2 is critical and so on.

To be honest, I love the fact that I can eat everything (shown above is 2 double hamburgers for lunch) and am approaching the best shape of my life, but at the cost of not having control over my own schedule is tiresome. The “work day” doesn’t end till about 7PM. So by the time I get food in me, a beer w/ John Stewart’s Daily Show and it’s off to bed to do it again tomorrow. One month left. One month left

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