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John Dick Memorial 50k

The John Dick Memorial 50k is our first unofficial Ultra-Trail. I really didn’t know what to think or expect from this. As a mid-February run who knew what to expect for weather, especially as this month typically weighs in as the coldest of the year. I really didn’t give the weather any more thought, mainly cause we’ve been on the… Read more →


The Ice Age Trail, Lapham Peak

Dani and I are talked into heading into the woods and running trails. We had just come off the Chicago Marathon and it sounded like a fun change of pace. Behind our house is the East River Trail in Milwaukee that can get us about 5 miles of dirt paths to practice on. It was brutal. What I could run… Read more →


Chicago Marathon 2014

Already on record as the weirdest day and run I will ever do. Why? Cause I decided to run the whole thing. I have no idea what I am doing: I don’t really know what to eat and when. I’m still new to running and so I constantly feel that I suck at it. I don’t know how to juggle… Read more →


Garage workspace is complete

1st Project: Autonomous Window Farm or Algae CO2 air purifier After some research I found these blueprints online that looked to suit my needs. I am using 3/4″ MDF on top instead of plywood and am waiting to see if I want to glue down the masonite after all. I also needed another table to mount the radial saw. This… Read more →

Ressusciter Les Mort

Rebuilding a family heirloom BACKGROUND: For as long as I know this violin was hidden at my Grandparent’s house, came over with my family from France, and rarely got pulled out. This is an especially sensitive item because the name written on the inside holds the name Stradivarius. After my Grandfather had passed and my Grandmother moved into assisted living, I… Read more →