From the start

(photo attributes: unknown source)

(photo attributes: unknown source)

I am starting this blog to journal my journey in training for the 50 Mile Ultra-Trail Marathon called the Ice Age 50.

This whole story started about a year and a half ago when Danijela (my wife) wanted to clear her head and asked that I go on a run with her. I _thought_ I was in shape, yet I couldn’t finish a 5k without some major IT Band issues.

It’s fair to say that I wasn’t a runner leading up to this. I ran cross-country in High School, but only as off-season conditioning for wrestling. I did run some track in High School also and still feel today that I am a short distance runner. After the military I would only run when playing soccer.

Today, one month before the Ice Age 50, I run roughly a half marathon a day on Friday-Sunday and have a mix of gym and interval training the other days except Monday.

This is a diary leading up to that race.

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