Finding Everything Not To Do


One thing I am finding out quickly with being new to running is everything not to do. Cutting corners that seem irrelevant end up setting me back days, weeks and maybe even months.

My 1st mistake was to start skipping gym workouts.

I started skipping gym workouts because I thought what I was getting on the roads was sufficient. I didn’t see that road runs only condition what they need to and the rest around it goes to shit – hence why triathletes injure less than single focus athletes. So, lesson learned and now I have a pissed off IT Band… or is it my knee?

Turns out it was a little IT Band and a lot Runner’s Knee. The remedy:

  • Back to the gym to strengthen all the muscles around the knee.
  • Something called Voodoo Floss
  • Trail running will help provide a more well rounded workout to the legs due to the technical nature of the terrain.
  • Lots of chiropractor visits and message therapy.

Which this had me looking for a gym training program

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