Evergreen Shelter


In as little as a few months this lodge in the middle of Lapham Peak forrest has provided tons of enjoyment and just as many stories. There is always a fresh pile of wood stocked and ready to burn in the fireplace. In the winter once we return from a run, we’d have a small meal and hang out in front of the fire till we warmed up and dried off. What’s gone on so far:

  • Sandy complained about weird chemical smells only to realize that her feet were so close to the fire that they caught on fire.
  • We had an unexpected hitchhiker in the form of a field mouse present himself in the ride home. To which my wife out of the blue states, “Sandy, don’t freak out, but I think there’s a rat in the car”, to which Sandy screamed bloody murder. We got home accident free.
  • Some woman incinerated her wool gloves by putting them on top of the cook stove fireplace and proceeded to talk about how they were her favorites for the next 15 minutes. I laughed for 18 minutes.
  • People ask all winter long how the trail conditions are. They’re asking about the cross-country trails not running. This took me a few lessons to learn.
  • They have a 5 foot tall trophy there that we’d graciously pose with on occasion.
  • At some point Sandy’s son, Tristan, will call and say there is no food in the house or her daughter, Bubbles, will call with a master plan in how to make money or get free stuff.


I’ve taken about 30 pics of this fireplace. You’d think I never seen a fireplace before.

I look forward to what the summer brings at Evergreen Shelter.

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