Painting the Transit of Venus

My project this Tuesday: Some time ago I had jotted down in my notebook to look for a unique light or shadow run – a fun path on a floor, wall or somewhere where I can capture the path by a time delimited painting. I think this was a seed to the piece to paint this Wednesday – The Transit of… Read more →

Changing the experience of the Slide to [x] interaction

In the current version of The Smart Alarm, there is a slider bar at the bottom of the app which allows you to turn off the alarm when it’s time to wake up. I’ve been playing around with alternative ways that the user interacts with the application, and the above example seems to strike a cord for me. – Instead of an interaction which performs one task, the new version allows to the user to swipe from left to right on the screen, but not only does it turn the alarm off, it also reveals the forecast for the day.

(source via Dribbble)

Adding Weather and Traffic to Trip Directions

I am kicking around – draft mock-up above – some feature options for adding two other factors into Google Maps (Directions): Weather and Traffic. By leveraging weather and traffic data throughout the route, a Google Trip feature can refer the optimal travel time to save on time and gasoline. Avoiding adverse weather conditions can optimize safest travel times. Dots on route represent… Read more →

Lights Dancing

Great post on the OSX moving “Traffic Lights” and minimizing cognitive load In a system where e.g. a window close button has a fixed position in a window (area) your brain is very good at translating your spatial memory of where that close button is from a sort of “relative” memory into absolute coordinates on the screen. Our brains are very good at these kinds of… Read more →