Ressusciter Les Mort

Rebuilding a family heirloom BACKGROUND: For as long as I know this violin was hidden at my Grandparent’s house, came over with my family from France, and rarely got pulled out. This is an especially sensitive item because the name written on the inside holds the name Stradivarius. After my Grandfather had passed and my Grandmother moved into assisted living, I… Read more →


Gallery Night is coming up

A Gallery Night is coming up so I’m working on 2 interactive art pieces: One, above, is a project with some friends at the Makerspace that we’re running a still life through the Poly app for iOS, that we’ll then beam onto a canvas to paint, that we’ll then shoot pop-up advertising on… whew. Two, is with my mother, which will incorporate… Read more →


Building a native Google Now To-Do experience

The saying goes that search is direct purchasing intent, but nothing has more intent to buy than your very own shopping list, nor is no opportunity greater to influence a shopper than right in the shopping aisle. When we prototyped airrand we quickly realized that ~85% of our users to-do items were shopping items; this plugs in pretty well with Google’s current… Read more →