The Ice Age 50

Saturday, race day, has come and gone and I now have a new belt buckle. All in all I had a blast and a lot of people to thank for helping to make it happen. Just to keep some sort of cohesive flow I thought it best to break down the event in contributing topics. So this is how it… Read more →

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A 4 Mile Thick Wall

Last Saturday was the first of 2 training runs for the Ice Age 50. The course was set up so you could do 35 miles if you had the time and/or desire. Dani was only doing 9 which would get her to the aid drop and back and I was looking at 30, so we set off together at a… Read more →


The 2.5 hour daily weekday workout

Last week was an easy transition week and what appears to have been the calm before the storm. This week? Well it’s the start of the 2.5 daily weekday workout and Saturday will be 30 miles in the trails followed by 12 on Sunday. _”I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t eating, sleeping, working or running.”_ I was looking… Read more →


Evergreen Shelter

In as little as a few months this lodge in the middle of Lapham Peak forrest has provided tons of enjoyment and just as many stories. There is always a fresh pile of wood stocked and ready to burn in the fireplace. In the winter once we return from a run, we’d have a small meal and hang out in… Read more →


Finding Everything Not To Do

One thing I am finding out quickly with being new to running is everything not to do. Cutting corners that seem irrelevant end up setting me back days, weeks and maybe even months. My 1st mistake was to start skipping gym workouts. I started skipping gym workouts because I thought what I was getting on the roads was sufficient. I… Read more →

2015 Race Schedule

Here is the current plan for 2015. We’ll see how I feel about running after the Ice Age 50: February 7th – John Dick Memorial 50K March 21-22 – Lake Martin 100 (27 mile) May 9 – Ice Age 50 mile June 20-21 – Mohican Trail 100 (pacer) October 3-4 – North Face Endurance Challenge (50k) Read more →

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From the start

I am starting this blog to journal my journey in training for the 50 Mile Ultra-Trail Marathon called the Ice Age 50. This whole story started about a year and a half ago when Danijela (my wife) wanted to clear her head and asked that I go on a run with her. I _thought_ I was in shape, yet I… Read more →


Lake Martin 100

  The Lake Martin 100 in Alexander City, Alabama – Officially my first Ultra-Trail race, by the most minimal to qualify as one at 27.1 miles. Nerves leading up to it were pretty low; I felt good. This would be officially the furthest distance I ever ran but I felt like my training had prepared me plenty to make it… Read more →

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John Dick Memorial 50k

The John Dick Memorial 50k is our first unofficial Ultra-Trail. I really didn’t know what to think or expect from this. As a mid-February run who knew what to expect for weather, especially as this month typically weighs in as the coldest of the year. I really didn’t give the weather any more thought, mainly cause we’ve been on the… Read more →


The Ice Age Trail, Lapham Peak

Dani and I are talked into heading into the woods and running trails. We had just come off the Chicago Marathon and it sounded like a fun change of pace. Behind our house is the East River Trail in Milwaukee that can get us about 5 miles of dirt paths to practice on. It was brutal. What I could run… Read more →