Changing the experience of the Slide to [x] interaction

In the current version of The Smart Alarm, there is a slider bar at the bottom of the app which allows you to turn off the alarm when it’s time to wake up. I’ve been playing around with alternative ways that the user interacts with the application, and the above example seems to strike a cord for me. – Instead of an interaction which performs one task, the new version allows to the user to swipe from left to right on the screen, but not only does it turn the alarm off, it also reveals the forecast for the day.

(source via Dribbble)

An Internet of Lamp

Taking inspiration from this lamp idea (left), by Andreas Müller – his lamp goes from on -> dims -> off according to its orientation to pointing North. My adaptation is to build the variation on the right that uses a servo motor to automatically point the Navigation Pin at whatever the object of your affection, via Google Latitude. Read more →