Our Life In Motion


New Trails

In the interest of breaking out from others owning content,  I thought I’d move to WordPress on a personal server and share experiences under our own controlled platform (e.g. not Facebook). I’m also merging content from happytrails.ghost.io where I had wanted to journal about running and what I learned, and a tumblr where I was working on the boat So welcome… Read more →


Garage workspace is complete

1st Project: Autonomous Window Farm or Algae CO2 air purifier After some research I found these blueprints online that looked to suit my needs. I am using 3/4″ MDF on top instead of plywood and am waiting to see if I want to glue down the masonite after all. I also needed another table to mount the radial saw. This… Read more →

O’Donnell Cycling Center Concept

With bicycling into work becoming more of popular Dani and I thought it would be great if Milwaukee built a downtown cycling center like the McDonald’s Center in Hyde Park, Chicago. O’Donnell park would be a great place to be able to stow you bike in a sheltered secure area and have access to locker rooms with showers.