A morning dashboard concept for Chromecast

Shooting a concept video of a prototype I’ve been working on has been a great storytelling exercise. The concept is a morning dashboard that brings together information for a user to consume first thing in the morning. I collapsed all this content into a card based interface that has an auto-scroll option so that it can keep scrolling while you prepare for your day. The part that has stumped me in the past is taking it to the big screen, potentially while you’re having that breakfast. Websites wouldn’t work cause there was no way the UI could know who was in front of them without an input device. Once the Chromecast came along it opened up that capability. I’m also taking some early steps to investigate how this may also work on an Xbox as a standalone app or a Smart Glass App.

The app is based on 4 main categories that collect certain data centered around that. Using information that the user allows access to on the mobile device and APIs from 3rd part apps like foursquare, timehop and waze.

1) Today report:

    • Days agenda
    • Agenda options based off calendar (e.g. Lunch options close to the office on your foursquare to-do list)
    • Commute report
    • Weather

2) Personal Report from yesterday:

    • Activity Report
    • Sleep Tracking
    • Check-ins
    • Driving data

3) Home Report:

    • Sunrise/sunset
    • temperature
    • Package deliveries
    • Carbon Footprint

4) Social Report:

    • What you did last year today
    • Buzzworthy news
    • New shows available
    • Birthdays

In summary, this interactive prototype went up pretty quick: 8 hours Photoshop / 6 hours XCode / 3 hours Keynote / 1 million audio retakes. Love to hear any feedback if you have any.


  5 comments for “A morning dashboard concept for Chromecast

  1. Skip Heflin
    March 3, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    I think you have a great idea here. Throw in some task management and you have a daily businesse use. I would definitely be interested. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chad Nichols
    March 7, 2014 at 9:38 am

    I nearly just bought a Chromecast because I thought this was real (shared by a friend). Please make this a reality I am ready to purchase! Great work.

  3. Sam
    April 4, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    Please publish this! O.O

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