A 4 Mile Thick Wall

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Last Saturday was the first of 2 training runs for the Ice Age 50. The course was set up so you could do 35 miles if you had the time and/or desire. Dani was only doing 9 which would get her to the aid drop and back and I was looking at 30, so we set off together at a nice moderate pace.

At arriving at the aid drop we realized that we may have taken a wrong turn and bumping into anther runner solidified that. Dani opted to walk back via the road and the new runner that we ran into, Kevin, said he’d keep running with me.

Kevin held a pretty good pace and we knocked out the next leg of the trail to get back at the aid drop around mile 19. Thankfully Dani and Sandy were there now pulling duty as support car cause I wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t tell if I was properly hydrated at all. I knew I was craving a 1 gallon milk jug of ice water; that was all.

Kevin had to cut his run short and I set off for the next 6 forgetting one crucial thing – headphones. I’m not typically a headphone runner but longer and longer distances have kept me looking for things to do. This turned out to be a big error because around mile 19 my brain started to turn on me and my feet began feeling pretty soar. For the next 4 miles my mind would tell me I’m a fraud and pick apart every reason why I shouldn’t be out there running, with one main topic – just stop running… forever. I walked for a bit, ran down the downhills, text the wife for words of encouragement and even stopped and sat by a street side the trail had intersected. The idea was, maybe I should just call Dani and Sandy for a pick-up and throw in the towel on today. I didn’t though, I kept going. Starting to get out of the pity party I started to run a little more, and then I barfed… for the love of God I’m not catching a break on any plane of existence today.

I’m relating this to one of two things: 1) I still had no idea what kind of hydration issues I was dealing with. 2) I had cheese rolled filo dough and plumb brandy for dinner the night before. Sooo, not necessarily the typical carb loading diet you seen for runners. Ha!

I finished the day with 25 miles where that loop brought me back to the parking lot. Slightly battered with a pretty bruised ego and a big smoking hole where morale used to live. I’m chalking this up as a right of passage and focusing on, not the ass whopping that just happened, but tomorrow. I only have a couple weeks left and if I stand a chance it won’t be cause I stayed home and licked my wounds.

Best story from Saturday, the legs/hips/back didn’t even flinch at 25 miles ([hat tip to the training program). The feet? Well I’ll be standing at work for the next few weeks to try and get them a little more prepared.

I’m not dead yet

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